dual timed stat

Autonomous Dual Timed Electronic Thermostat with Setback Presets

No Programming Required, Timed Comfort with tenant able to raise the temperature. Two selectable timed, minor and Major set-back temperatures,The minor setback allows for comfort up to 74 degrees for 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 16 hours before setting back to 66, 62, or 58 degrees, Major setback happens in 12, 24, 48, 36 or 60 hours and drops the temperature back to 55, 52, or 40 degrees. Simple jumper pins on the circuit board allow you to select the times and the temperatures for your application.

*Consult factory regarding options for custom time and temperature setbacks. MOQ would apply

  • Timed Heating For Building Managers
  • Ideal For Rental Apartments, Student Housing and Vacation Rentals
  • 2 Preset Setback Temperatures
  • 2 Preset Times Minor & Major
  • Simple 2 Button Operation
  • Double Pole Line Voltage
  • Max Room Temp Set Point of 74ºF Min 55ºF
  • Electronic Sensing For Accurate Temperature Control (±1ºF)
  • For Use On Baseboard, Fan Forced & Radiant Electric Heaters
  • Manual Temperature Range 55º – 74ºF (5º – 24ºC)
  • Fully Vented Cover Allows Air Sensing In All Directions
  • Imported to King Specifications
  • 2-year limited warranty

A Property Managers New Best Friend

Ideal for building managers. Tenant sets room temp. After 2 hrs automatically sets back to 62ºF. After 48 hours of inactivity it sets back to 55ºF.

Now That’s Smart!

Available Models

Ordering Information

K701-1-DTSB120V, 1P Line Voltage ElectronicBuy Now
K702E-DTSB208/240V, 2P Line Voltage ElectronicBuy Now

Engineering Specs

Temperature Range: 55º – 74ºF (5º – 24ºC) Accuracy: ±1º F

Max Power: 3328W @ 208VAC (16A)

Max Power: 3840W @ 240VAC (16A)

Sensing Element: Electronic