The KCV cove heater provides warmth from above


A space-saving radiant heater that also produces convection heat by heating the air similar to a baseboard. By combining the quick comfort of radiant heat along with the sustained warmth of convection heat, warm air is uniformly dispersed throughout the room.

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The cove heater is mounted near the ceiling
eliminating furniture placement problems

Surface temperatures are lower than baseboard or fan heaters, making a pleasant form of heat similar to older ceiling cable heating systems. With no moving parts this heater is quiet and maintenance free. Typical uses are day care centers, assisted living housing, housing developments, laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms.

  • Warmth From Above – Space Saving Design
  • Safer & More Versatile
  • Radiant & Convection Heat
  • Long Life Element
  • Silent Running
  • Extruded Aluminum Front Panel
  • Can Be Wired At Both Ends
  • Easy Surface-Mount Installation
  • Open-back Design for Maximum Convection
  • Available in White or Almond
  • Proudly Made in the USA with U.S. & Global Materials
  • 2-year warranty
Heater above shelves

Warmth From Above

Out Of The Way Of Furniture, the Heater Mounts 6 Feet Above The Floor

KCV cove heaters are commonly used where wall space is limited. The high wall mounting allows you to use absolutely any wall in a room without affecting the furniture or decor placement.

Now That’s Smart!

Radiant and Convection Heat

alCove radiant cove heaters heat the objects in a room similar to the way the sun heats the earth and the air outside, maintaining an extremely comfortable, constant temperature. By combining the quick comfort of radiant heat along with the sustained warmth of convection heat, warm air is uniformly dispersed throughout the room.

More Comfortable Than Other Systems

Cove heaters feel warmer because the heat is delivered where you live—down towards the floor. Since all surfaces in the room are also being heated, there are no cold objects to draw heat from you and make you feel cold. They do not blow dust and allergens around and provide an improved room climate with healthier humidity levels.


Available Models




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Engineering Specs


  • Constructed of extruded aluminum with a maximum cross section thickness of .962”.
  • With sawtooth profile to increase radiating surface area.
  • Open on top and bottom for maximum convection heating room air.
  • With 32 cubic inch junction box at both ends, furnished with 1/2” knockouts on back and top.
  • Ni-Chrome wire embedded in Magnesium Oxide powder enclosed and sealed in aluminum sheath.
  • Element wattage density of approximately 150 watts per linear foot.
  • With full length back case constructed of 22 gauge electrogalvanized steel with baked enamel finish.
  • Two year limited warranty.

Ratings and Approvals:

  • The heaters shall be available in ratings from 250 – 1800 watts at 120 and 208/240 Volts.
  • cULus


Thermostats are system matched for alCove Heaters.

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